Certified Native Korean Teacher

You can learn Korean with a professional Teacher in Singapore.


Liz’s 90 minute private classes enable students to learn Korean easily. Receive immediate confidence boosting feedback with her easy to understand practical interactive lessons.


By focusing on her students individual level, interests, and goals, Liz shows students the most effective way to achieve results in a short period of time.

Explore Korean Culture

You can experience Korean Culture with Liz.

She will provide the various chances such as K-pop Music, K-Drama and K-food.


Enjoy your class with a lot of activities. The best way to learn language is by experience.

She has a plenty of learning material that can improve your Korean.


A powerful Korean learning program designed just for you.


You will learn quickly with Liz’s Bite-Sized Korean Lessons that are 100% fun and effective.

Her classes are based on your own requests and personal learning needs to help you to excel.


Customised lesson times to fit every schedule. 


Liz makes booking a class easy. 


Her private classes are available 7 days a week. 


Choose a fixed day and time, or book your classes flexibly.


     I am a big fan of K-pop and there are not many Korean classes near my house. I found Liz's class.  I enjoyed her class very much.



  Lessons are marvelous. She prepares well for our lessons, finds fascinating texts, it makes learning Korean much more interesting for me! And her speaking topics are also great. While discussing them we come across each other's cultures, I enjoy it. Thank you!



  Another amazing lesson. I am reading faster after a short time, and my understanding is getting better. I can also say I am speaking a bit more Korean in my daily life. She is the best teacher I've had!



    I am living in Singapore. I have taken 1:1 Korean lessons and have also found that group discussions are a lot of fun. I can talk about the different topics  and learn various expressions!



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